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About Uss

  • Xprs health is an offering from Health Tech Global Solutions Pvt Ltd. Promoted and invested by one of the country’s leading clean energy conglomerate from Hyderabad, Xprs health empowers people to explore and find the best suited healthcare facilities.


    What we endeavour to do:


    Xprs health is an online health portal that strives to guide and help patients in making informed health decisions. Xprs health enables easy creation, maintenance and updation of electronic personal health records (e-PHR) of all its users, which serves as a centralized repository of the individual’s health information and medical history. The wealth of in-depth information, analysis and records available on the Xprs health platform enables healthcare service providers (practitioners, hospitals and clinics) to deliver qualitative, result-oriented healthcare to patients.


    We partner with credible and reputed healthcare service providers who share our commitment to render best-in-class healthcare services, in a convenient and hassle-free manner. Xprs health portal endeavours to offer a host of features aimed at making healthcare – and our lives – simpler. The solution is secure, comprehensive, affordable, reliable, user-friendly, manageable and convenient connecting wide range of doctors across specialisations and locations enabling easy interaction between various stakeholders for your healthcare requirements.

  • Our team at Xprs health is united in its passion to transform the world of healthcare. We believe that good health is every individual’s right. We believe that what is needed is not just an incremental, but an exponential leap…a transformation in the healthcare ecosystem.


    Why should the supply of good healthcare services far outstrip the demand for it? Why should patients have to struggle to access trustworthy, competent, caring healthcare providers? Why should good doctors, hospitals and clinics have to advertise and seek patients – when it is the patients who will benefit from their services?


    These beliefs form the bedrock of our organization, and are the single, unifying thought that guides, drives and inspires every decision at Xprs health.


    Our vision

    To build an ethical healthcare community by giving patients the power to derive the best possible healthcare solutions via our portal.


    Our mission

    To enable, inspire and equip patients with digital health records through a secure and affordable cloud-based model that can be accessed anywhere, any device, anytime.


    With Xprs health, we shift the power equation to where it well and truly belongs – in the hands of users and their healthcare service providers. Our platform removes all boundaries between these stakeholders, and helps them connect & engage with each other, as they mutually deem fit.



    Leadership Team:

    Nagendra D

    A strategic business leader having 3 decades of IT/Telcom Industry experience Proven track
    record in Transformation, Business Change CRM, Salesforce.com, Sales, Customer Service,
    Strategy & Operational Excellence across USA, Europe and Asia/Pac markets

    Srikanth Vannemreddy

    A result oriented Senior Program Management Leader having 25 Years of Industry
    experience in Service Delivery ,Service Assurance , Transition and Transformation for Telecom (wholesale and Retail clients) / Enterprise clients (BFSI, E&U, HLS)

    Proven track record in operational excellence for Global clients
    +91-40-45129933 , sri.v@xprs.co.in

  • With each passing day, health concerns and potential health problems of every individual grow. Today, individuals are much more aware and cautious about healthcare than they ever were. In this scenario, one’s Personal Health Record (PHR) serves as a one-stop record of the individual’s medical history.


    Your PHR allows you to gather and manage all the information pertaining to your healthcare (reports, appointments, prescriptions, etc.) at one easily accessible location. The objective of a PHR is to provide a complete and accurate summary of an individual’s medical history online, accessible by authorized users. The health data on a PHR might include patient-reported outcome data, lab results, and data from devices such as wireless electronic weighing scales or collected passively from a smartphone.


    What’s better, you decide what you put into your personal health record. In general, though, it ideally includes every piece of information that helps you and your healthcare providers manage your health:

    • Your primary care doctor’s name and phone number

    • Allergies, including drug allergies

    • Family history

    • Your medications, including dosages

    • Chronic health problems, such as high blood pressure

    • Major surgeries, with dates

    • Any preventive steps being taken by you towards specific diseases

    In emergency situations, having a personal health record can be a life-saver, when timely care is of the essence. A PHR saves crucial time by giving healthcare providers easy access to your entire medical history in one place, reducing risks and chances of wrong medication/surgical interventions.


    Your PHR not only allows you to share information with your care providers but also empowers you to manage your health better. For example:

    • Track and assess your health

    • Manage your health between visits – review previous reports & track improvement

    • Make the most of doctor visits – be ready with information that you want to share

    • Get organized – track appointments, vaccinations, and preventive or screening services/tests

    The more users know about their health, the better they will be able to manage it, and the healthier they will be. Not just is PHR convenient and comprehensive, it is also affordable – helping you save money and avoid the inconvenience of repeating the same tests over and over again.


    With PHR, staying healthy is truly as easy as the snap of a finger!

  • The Xprs health portal has a host of features aimed at making healthcare – and our lives – simpler.


    • Secure: Multiple level access to health portal

    • Comprehensive: Single, go-to portal for healthcare needs

    • Affordable: Best value for money (light on your wallet!)

    • Connected: Wide range of doctors across specializations and locations

    • Convenient: Access health records anytime, any device, anywhere

    • Reliable: Check product availability with pharmacies & health e-commerce portals

    • User-friendly: Toll-free number for user assistance

    • Manageable: Easy management of your health needs & care