Health Tips

  • The Problems Of Distracted Eating

    Problem #1

    You tend to eat too fast when you eat with a distracted mind set. This isn’t a good thing for your digestive system.


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  • Mistakes We Commit While Brushing Our Teeth

    The Wrong Brush

    The type of bristles, the handle and the size of the brush head determines your oral health. If you’re not using the right brush, you’re teeth will suffer a lot of damage.


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  • What Does Your Stinky Breath Mean?

    Smells Like Faeces

    If your bad breath smells like faeces, what does it mean? Experts state that this smell in the mouth indicates infected gums. The production of chemicals by anaerobic bacteria is manly caused by the lack of flossing. So, remember to floss your teeth regularly and remove food particles that you’re toothbrush can’t remove.


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  • Unusual Benefits of Onions

    Clears Earache And Wax Build Up

    Onions have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which help to relieve pain in the ear. If you are suffering from earache or ear wax build up problem, then just cure this with a simple piece of onion. Place a piece of onion in your ear. This helps to soften the ear wax making it easier to remove.


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