• What is Xprs health?

    It is an online health portal that strives to guide and help patients in making informed health decisions. Xprs Health enables easy creation, maintenance and updation of electronic personal health records (e-PHR) of all its users, and to schedule appointments ,which serves as a centralized repository of the individual’s health information and medical history.

    How do I register as a patient in Xprs portal?

    You could do so in two ways. If your doctor is a registered provider with us, you could get in touch with him and ask him or his office to help you out to register with us. Else you can call our toll free number 1800 3000 4110 (Registered users/providers only) and 040-45129989 or 040-45129999 (unregistered users/providers) and talk to one of our Contact Center Officers, who would guide you to register with us.

    What are the benefits of being registered with Xprs health portal?

    There are several benefits. You could avail a host of services within our portal. There are certain benefits being provided by other providers in our network in the form of discounts –from the laboratories and radiology centres when you go in for your investigations, by being a member of our portal. You are also protected with a personal accident cover for a sum of Rs 1 lakh per annum when you are registered with us (Age group covered: 18-70 Years).

    What are the services being offered by Xprs health?

    You can manage your appointments with your doctors – you could book / cancel or reschedule them – even with the mobile application in your phone, you would also be alerted about delays from the doctor’s end. Your personal health record (PHR) created for you can be managed by you and your healthcare providers. The latest updated information on your health can be available for you to be shared or accessed at your discretion with other doctors. You could also avail of the contact centre services to update your uploaded medical information for you.
    All this–at a call away. Please call our toll free number 1800 3000 4110 (Registered users/providers only) and 040-45129989 or 040-45129999 (unregistered users/providers) and our customer service representatives would be ready to help you.

    What else can I expect from your portal?

    There are many more.

    • Know Your Problems (KYP) – click on this tab to get a whole lot of information about the disease that you want to know about. Right from the genesis, causative organism, through the signs and symptoms, its prevention, its management including medication and what to do and what to avoid.
    • HRA* (Health Risk Assessment) – Take this questionnaire about your health indices, (which includes queries related to your vitals, anthropometric measurements, lifestyle & diet, medical history etc.) and on submitting your answers it provides you with your health card score along with a plan of action.
    •  Directory Search – you could search for various doctors, labs and pharmacies within the city for various specialisations at your nearest locality and book for an appointment with a doctor you desire or with a lab for an appointment for a Lab test, Radiology test, CT or MRI Scan.
    • Live Chat
    • Blog – you could involve or join in the discussions about a health topic that is being discussed in the blog arena.

    What is a PHR and how does it help me?

    A Patient Health Record (PHR) allows you as a patient to manage your own heath record.

    You would be able to record your personal details including demographic and contact information and also enter your employer, insurance and emergency contact details. You can also update & save your family doctor and pharmacist details in this.

    When it comes to your health, you can manage your record, by managing your medical and family history, your medications, your investigations, your visit records and hospitalisations. Ladies can update their gynec and obstetric related information in this record.

    You may choose to download a user guide from the support tab of the portal page, which assists you to enter what you want in a step by step process.

    How does this help me and what is the benefit of maintaining my health record?

    There are many benefits of your health record

    • All your medical and health related information’s are at one place.

    You do not have to rummage through various sheaves of papers or files to retrieve data or information. Meaning, all this is at one place and neatly organised for easy retrievability.

    • Your doctor gets access to your latest health information, without you having to carry various documents/ records. He just needs to access your health record and look at relevant places.

    This includes your doctor getting to view your latest radiology images that you have uploaded. He also gets to view your latest medication and tests that you have undergone. All this helps him to make a better clinical decision.

    • He also gets to see the notes and prescriptions of other doctors who have been with you in your treatment process and make suitable adjustments in your treatment.
    • What more you can store all this information securely and also have it accessed anytime from anywhere.

    Is the electronic personal health record easy for me to access & use?

    Yes. Anytime, Anywhere. Any device. You can also download a user guide from our Support tab, which will assist you to fill in this information.

    In the event you need assistance you can just dial our 9/6 hour contact centre at 1800 3000 4110 (Registered users/providers only) and 040-45129989 or 040-45129999 (unregistered users/providers) and they will guide you how you can do it.

    What will be my Unique Identification Number?

    Your registered phone number will be the Unique Identification Number. When you call the contact center post registration you can refer to the registered phone number.

    Can I enter all the information I want to track?

    Yes. You can enter all the information related to the health record you want to track, as you own your personal health record.

    However for those finding it difficult, we have an option where by our data entry operators (DEO) would help you to enter information related to your uploaded records such as prescriptions, lab reports etc. for you.

    Will information be added to my record from outside sources, such as insurance or doctors’ offices? How and what will be added?

    Yes, your doctor can add the visit record notes when you have visited him with your problem. Similarly when you have visited the lab for any of the tests your doctor would have prescribed, the results of these tests would be added to your record by the laboratory.

    Can I share information with my doctor and other care-givers?

    Yes you can certainly share your personal health records with your doctor when you visit him with an appointment, for him to have access to your health related information.

    How will my information be kept private?

    We understand that your personal health is private, and we take that seriously. You can find more about our policy by reading our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

    What will it cost? Are there any special fees?

    There are no special fees. Our subscription for availing this service is presently Rs 250/- per annum for a user, which means you can avail all the benefits of our portal for less than a rupee a day!!

    Will it help me manage my health by providing information and advice?

    Yes. Sharing your health information with your doctor will enable him to get access to the latest information on your investigations and medications and your health records, which will enable him to decide the best possible treatment for you.

    Can I create an account for my whole family and manage information for my family members?

    Yes we are introducing this sooner. You could avail of a family subscription covering yourself, your spouse and 2 children and all their health records can be managed by you.
    Please call us at our contact service number 1800 3000 4110 (Registered users/providers only) and 040-45129989 or 040-45129999 (unregistered users/providers) for any enquirers or you could write to us at support@xprs.co.in. Our customer service representatives will be in touch with you.

  • Are these services available across India?

    No. Currently these services are limited to Hyderabad. But we will add more cities in the coming months.

    Do I have to sign up to book a service?

    Yes, you need to be a registered user to avail all the facilities on the Xprs health portal.

    How do I schedule a doctor appointment?

    It’s an easy process.
    You can call the Contact Center for scheduling an appointment OR

    1)You can log in to the Xprs portal using your login credentials.
    2) Select Area, Doctor and Specialty
    3) Browse through the list of doctors and make a selection
    4) Add your appointment date and preferred time according to the doctor’s availability.
    5) An auto generated email is sent to your registered email ID; you also get an SMS Alert on your registered Mobile No.

    Can I book a doctor appointment for today?

    Yes. However, the appointment time will depend on the availability of slot.

    Do I have to pay online?

    The option of paying the fees online is being made available in due course. Currently, you do not have to pay anything on Xprs health to book a Doctor Appointment. However, you’ll have to pay the doctor’s consultation fee at the practice/clinic – this varies from practice/clinic to practice/clinic (it may also depend on the specialty chosen). You can check the amount with the doctor or his/her office when you go for consultation.

    How do I re-schedule my appointment?

    You can call the toll free number 1800 3000 4110 (Registered users/providers only) and 040-45129989 or 040-45129999 (unregistered users/providers) and ask the customer service representative on the call to help you to re-schedule the appointment or you can login to Xprs health portal using your credentials and re-schedule the appointment yourself.

    My computer hung in the middle of the payment process? How do I know if payment is done?

    If you receive an Email or SMS from Xprs health, it means the transaction went through.

    Most banks also send out a transaction alert for credit card & debit card usage as well as Internet Banking activity. If you receive a transaction alert from your bank to this effect, but no Email or SMS comes from Xprs health, get in touch with us.

    Why are you listing Doctors, if it is a walk in clinic/hospital?

    We endeavour to be the one place where users can find the right doctor. This is our prime goal and as the second step we help in making your visit happen with ease and make available your Health record, if needed in advance for the Doctor’s visit.

    If we book an appointment through you (Xprs health), do I stand a better chance of getting an appointment?

    We have no special tie-ups, relationship or consideration with doctors in this regard as we want to be an independent unbiased site for patients. Through Xprs health, your chances of booking an appointment are the same as using any other means.

    I booked an appointment through you at XX:XX hrs with a doctor? Why was I made to wait in the clinic then?

    This depends entirely on the Doctor / Clinic – there are doctors who keep the schedule and some others who primarily use the appointment more to ensure your name is registered in their appointment schedule but the actual time when you see the doctor depends on what happens on that day. This is something we have no control over – this would have happened even if you had booked an appointment in any other way.

    Do we have to show our Appointment ID when visiting the clinic for appointment?

    You may be requested to show the confirmation message that you receive on your registered mobile whilst booking an appointment.

    I know that some of the details of one of the doctors you have listed is wrong- What do I do about it?

    We, as well as countless patients, will be extremely grateful if you can call us at 1800 3000 4110 or drop a line at support@xprs.co.in. We will immediately look in and correct it. Your help in doing this makes us better, stronger and more relevant to patients.

  • Is the profile listing free? Are there any other conditions for listing?

    Listing of your profile is part of your subscription fees. We do not charge extra for listing the profile or for subsequently booking appointments with you.

    The basic conditions for listing are:

    • That you agree with the terms and conditions of use as specified by Xprs health
    • That you keep your information relevant and upgraded.
    • Contact details for booking appointments.
    • Address/Location.
    • Timings and availability
    • Services
    • Consultation fees.

    I practice in multiple clinics. How do I include and show them all?

    You can edit your profile and add the facilities/clinics through the Xprs health portal by logging-on with your credentials. The changes made will reflect on the profile immediately.

    How do I get notified about an appointment from Xprs health which my staff has confirmed?

    Each time an appointment is requested we will check if the appointment slot is available. Patients’ appointments are confirmed only after this check has been made. Every time we confirm or cancel an appointment a SMS/App alert is sent to the Patient and doctor.

    What is the procedure for getting listed on Xprs health?

    You need to call the Xprs health Contact Centre on 040-45129989/99 and provide the below mentioned details.

    • First & Last Name
    • Phone number
    • Email id
    • Card Number (if you have one).

  • Can I change my plan later on?

    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade plans at any time. The change will take effect immediately after you have paid the difference in case of an upgrade. In case of a downgrade, the change will come into effect from the next monthly billing cycle. Any balance SMS in case of an upgrade shall be carried forward to the next billing cycle.

    I have more questions? Where can I get help?

    Email us at support@xprs.co.in and we shall get back to you ASAP.

    What other type of Providers can be part of this portal other than doctors?

    The following Providers can be part of Xprs Health Portal.

    • Diagnostics Laboratories
    • Pharmacies
    • Non-Allopathic Doctors like AYUSH
    • Preventive Healthcare Providers like Gymnasium, Spas, Wellness Centres, Hair & Skin Care, etc.

    How do I obtain the list of doctors empanelled for this facility?

    Xprs Health has a very simple process to help you find the best doctors suitable for your requirement. Any time you need a Medical practitioner consultation, please call up the Xprs health helpline mentioned on your card. Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to guide you as per your requirement.
    Our list of empanelled doctors is constantly updated and increased, and you can get an information about the doctors in your vicinity through our 9/6 helpline services and informative web-portal/App. This process ensures that the best possible doctor is referred to you. Xprs health empanelment criteria ensures tying up with quality service providers; so you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

    What if I do not receive any email from your side informing me about the username and password within the specified time frame?

    If in case, you do not receive an email with your login credentials, please call the Contact Center and log a complaint and the technical person will get back to you ASAP to resolve your issue.

    Is there any Age Limit and Age Cover for the membership of the card?

    No! There is absolutely no age limit or cover restrictions for Xprs Health Card membership. There is a Personal Accident Insurance of a lakh*

    How will I know which doctor in my locality is from which speciality?

    To get the information about the health care provider, you can log-on to your account and search for the healthcare provider for the following specialty (General Physician, Dentist, Gynaecologists, Dermatologist, Diabetologist) in your locality. Or else you can call our customer service representative on our helpline number displayed on your card and access the information you need.

    Do I need to renew my membership after completion of one year?

    Membership benefits of the Xprs Health Card would be valid only for one year post which your user account would become invalid. Also you would be identified by a unique card number mentioned on your health card. Post one year, your unique card number would be de-activated. You need to renew your membership by repaying the health card membership fees, post which your account would be activated.

    Can I gift this card to someone?

    Yes, it is possible for you to gift this card to someone by paying the annual membership fees for the first year. As per your instructions, we can send the card/s either to you or the person you are gifting it to. However, your own Xprs Health Card is not transferable and cannot be used by anyone else.

    What happens if there is an emergency and I need to go to a doctor?

    Call the help line number mentioned on your Xprs Health card and inform the customer service representative about the patient’s condition and your location. The customer care representative would inform you about the nearby doctor of the required specialty and would book appointment for you.

    Can I get the refund of Xprs Health Card Membership fees if I am not happy with the services?

    Have trust on us! We will not give you any chance to become unsatisfied with our services. But if in case you face any challenges with respect to the services, kindly let us know on by logging a complaint by calling our contact center or by sending an email to support@xprs.co.in.

    What if I am not satisfied?

    You can always leave a feedback with us on:
    E-mail: support@xprs.co.in
    Tel: 1800 3000 4110 (Registered users/providers only) and 040-45129989 or 040-45129999 (unregistered users/providers).

    What happen if I lose my card? How and when will I get a replacement?

    Please call the contact center and login your request for replacement . You will be sent a replacement card to your registered address as it appears in our portal.

    When will my Xprs card be dispatched?

    The Xprs health card will be dispatched within 3 business days after the payment has gone through successfully on the Payment Gateway.

    What happens in case of double payment due to technical error from payment gateway/human error etc…?

    Your excess payment will be settled within 3 weeks from the date of excess payment

    What is the default browser for www.xprshealth.com ?

  • How to download Xprshealth android app?

    Go to “play store” on your android phone, click on search and type “Xprshealth” then download and install.

    How to download Xprshealth app in IOS mobile?

    Go to “IOS App store“ on your iPhone, click on search and type “Xprshealth” then download and install.