Who can benefit?

While the Xprs health card makes access to healthcare easier for everyone, there are certain individuals and groups who can benefit immensely from it.



As organizations get more and more inter-connected, it is imperative that employee health is given highest priority. The absence of even one key employee can throw goals and tasks off-schedule. Xprs health allows corporates to enable smart healthcare access for all employees. Save them the worry of paperwork, searching for doctors, and many more hassles.

Enable your employees to stay prepared for any healthcare need by having their PHR on hand. PHR is the most convenient way of keep medical data intact electronically for referring to at any given time. PHR serves as a life-saving & time-saving tool, protecting the assets of your organization and their loved ones from situations of distress.

Invest in the lives of your employees; invest in a healthier future for your organisation.


Educational institutions

As someone running a school or college, you are a ‘second parent’ to your students. Give them the gift of health. With minimal investment, help them carve a better future without worrying about health issues. Let the world know that you run an educational institution that truly believes in the maxim, “healthy body and healthy mind”.

Provide your students a nurturing environment that allows them to grow and learn through the most transitional years of their life – adolescence. PHRs for students help during their transition into adulthood, helping them keep track of their progress on a consistent basis. An actively updated PHR of students keeps parents as well as the school conveniently informed about the child’s well-being.



Different members in the family have different health-related needs. As someone who truly cares for his/her loved ones, you intend to provide the best for your family in every way possible. Enable members of your family to carry their health records in their pocket/purse through the Xprs health card. Connect them to an array of health care services that cater to their diverse needs. Stay informed about the health of your loved ones. Safeguard the future of your family with Xprs health. Choose Xprs and give your family easy access to the best services they need…and deserve.


One of the key focus areas for any Government is ensuring the good health of its citizens. Especially at a time when India is positioned as the next global super-power, the Government cannot afford to neglect this key aspect. Our manpower is our biggest strength, and central and state Governments are making significant investments to keep them in the best of health.

By issuing PHRs to all citizens, the Government can move towards better monitoring and correctional measures related to citizens’ health. The wealth of analytics PHRs can provide can have a transformational impact – helping map health issues by geography and demographic, better record-keeping of each individual’s health records, better monitoring and management of epidemics, and so much more.

Additionally, PHRs can provide invaluable support to third-party administrators (TPAs) in accurate assessment of each case history, making sure they are empowered with all information when assessing the case.



NGOs play a key role in nation-building, by supporting causes and groups that need support. One of the common issues that plagues the under-privileged in society is poor health and inadequate healthcare. Without the means to access the best healthcare, they continue to struggle, and often fight a losing battle against the odds.

NGOs keen to create a significant, long-term positive impact can benefit immensely by creating PHRs for the under-privileged. This will enable address one of the biggest roadblocks in social upliftment – a poor healthcare infrastructure. PHRs will also help NGOs keep track of health-related issues, identify underlying factors, and eliminate them from the source. Additionally, information and analytics from the PHRs can help in NGOs efforts to gain funding from the Government and other organizations.